Welcome, readers, to a blog about my latest cookbook, co-authored with long-time cooking companion, Susann Geiskopf-Hadler. We met in college, became almost vegetarians at the same time, and started cooking together a lot. Within a few years, we got invited to write a cookbook for an Oregon publishing house owned by a guy who had been one of our happy tasters.

That book, Fast & Natural Cuisine, was the first of many cookbooks collaborations -- currently numbering 12, and counting. It's been a great friendship and a wonderful career.

When we wrote our first book, the term "organic" was still a long way from being coined and healthy food folks like us were considered fringe fanatics. "You are what you eat" was a joke among mainstream, meat-centered cooks who thought our natural-food ways were just plain kooky.

Now Susann and I, and many other early converts to healthy cooking, have been vindicated. The causative connection between bad diet and dread disease is a definitive fact, and the organic food industry takes in many billions of dollars a year.

With 15-Minute Vegetarian, we've returned to the beginning, in a sense. It's about cooking fast and cooking natural, but it takes advantage of many prepared and packaged foods that weren't available when we got started. It's easier now that it's ever been to make simple, delicious, satisfying vegetarian meals at home.

15-Minute Vegetarian can teach you how to cook if you're a beginner, or add lots of quick new recipes to your repertoire if you're an experienced cook. Either way, it's a pretty yummy little book, if I do say so myself.

I created this blog to share some of it with you...

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runswithdog said...

I found this from your other blog - what a great idea. I have several of your cookbooks and will have to get this new one :-)

I have a friend who is a fairly new vegetarian who doesn't have much cooking experience. I am definitely going to send her this site.